2 Weeks to Trademarks (Boss of an Empire)

2 Weeks to Trademarks (Boss of an Empire)



Sonia's infamous course that has helped hundreds of attorneys to scale to 6- and 7-figures practicing trademarks. Will you be next?

Everything in Boss of Myself, plus...

  • Conquer the Consultation (a 2.5-hour class detailing word-for-word scripts to talk with potential clients)
  • Building Trademark Referrals Class  (a 2.5-hour class to learn how to create referral relationships specifically for trademarks
  • Rainmaking 2.0 (12+ hours without ever paying for SEO or Ad Words)
  • Personal calls with Sonia (Ask anything you want and get one-on-one help creating a custom marketing plan!)


Boss of an Empire also includes...

  • Modules 1-15 (40+ hours of video instruction) including guest speaker sessions featuring not one, but TWO ex-USPTO Examining Attorneys
  • Over 50 years of combined trademark experience among the instructors
  • All the template documents you'll need to get started
  • Access to a private online group for ongoing support
  • Access to a monthly Zoom mastermind hosted by Sonia for any questions that arise
  • Exclusive discounts on the (few) software and tools you may need 
  • Access to everything immediately on-demand (binge all you want!)
  • Lifetime access to all materials (keep it all forever!)



  • 2 personal calls with Sonia: Ask anything you want and get one-on-one help creating a custom marketing plan!
  • Conquer the Consultation: A 2.5-hour class detailing word-for-word scripts to talk with potential clients
  • Building Trademark Referrals Class: A 2.5-hour class to learn how to create referral relationships specifically for trademarks
  • Rainmaking 2.0: 12+ hours of video instruction on Sonia's best marketing strategies to build a multi-6-figure firm without ever paying for SEO or Ad Words. You will learn...
    • How to differentiate yourself when it feels like everyone else is doing the same thing as you
    • How to stay top of mind for referrals even when you're not around
    • How to get your name in press and media without hiring anyone or paying for it
    • What to actually do with all those business cards you collect after an event
    • How to choose what events and conferences are actually worth your time (and how to maximize your efforts)
    • The Wow Factor formula for leaving a lasting impression with clients that results in glowing testimonials and voluntary word-of-mouth referrals
    • How to design an experience that keeps clients raving about you for years
    • How to prevent your revenue form taking a random dip and avoid the feast-or-famine cycle once and for all
    • How to use social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for marketing that actually results in new clients
    • How to create referral relationships where people willingly send you business without SEO, paid advertising, etc.
    • How to become the go-to resource in your niche practice even if there are tons of other attorneys who offer the same area
    • How to develop a brand where you are viewed as the expert in your field
    • How to keep in touch without constantly going to lunches and coffees all the time
    • What to put on your email signature, business cards, and website that will make you memorable and unforgettable
    • How to create content once and repurpose it multiple different ways so you don't always have to come up with new ideas
    • The one email template I’ve used to get 90% of potential referral sources to meet me for coffee
    • How to work smarter, not harder and balance your time between business development and actually doing the work you brought in

This is the Boss of M-F tier of 2 Weeks to Trademarks. This class is right for you if: 

  • You want to be able to ask Sonia questions after you watch the class videos (this class comes with a Q&A session call!)
  • You want help with the consultation process (this class comes with Conquer the Consultation for FREE - click here to read more!)
  • You need help marketing to get more trademark clients (this class comes with Rainmaking 2.0 for FREE - click here to read more)
  • You need help building referral relationships (this class comes with a FREE BONUS CLASS on how to do this!)

This class is not right for you if:

  • You don't want any help or ask any questions
  • You have all the trademark clients you need and don't need any marketing help
  • You're making all the money you need and don't want individual one-on-one time with Sonia to work on anything 
  • ...instead, click here for the Boss of Myself version

What other attorneys are saying...

“I DOUBLED my yearly revenue in large part due to Sonia's courses and am now almost at 7 figures!"

Ticora Davis, Esq.

“I TRIPLED my law firm revenue after taking the course!”

Stacey-Ann Taylor, Esq.

I DOUBLED and TRIPLED my revenue in only 9 months after taking the course. It has gone up only more since then!”

Berkley Sweetapple, Esq.