Brand/IP Audit Guide

Brand/IP Audit Guide


You know how Sonia is always telling you to check in with your clients regularly? And how she always gets on you to to a brand/IP audit to see how else you can be of service?

Okay that's great...if you know how. But what if you don't? As always, Sonia is here to help. This guide will help walk you through the questions, issues, and considerations when you perform a brand/IP audit, whether it is for a current client or a past client.

Along with all the other products under the New! collection, this Brand/IP Audit Guide was just created and has only been seen by one other person outside of Sonia's Team. See below for her reaction!


"Are you kidding me? This is FABULOUS.  I can't believe how amazing you all are!  Go Team Sonia. This knocked my socks off. Huge gratitude coming your way! " – Layne Lyonn