CAN We Talk About CANnabis?

CAN We Talk About CANnabis?



Yes, we can! And we need to.

Cannabis has taken the trademark community by storm because well...none of us know what is going on!

It's legal in some states but still illegal how do we handle clients who want to get into this industry and protect their marks?

  • How long is the class? Almost two hours!

  • How long do I have access to the video?
    Forever- the materials are yours to keep for lifetime access.

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About this course


This class covers key considerations when working with clients associated with the growing cannabis industry, including the interplay between state and federal laws, USPTO registrations, treatment for hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) products, ethical considerations, and more.


What's inside?


I. Overview of state vs. federal issues
-Heavily regulated and licensed
2. USPTO issues
-Controlled Substances Act (CSA)
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act (FDCA) 
-Recent Office Actions from USPTO
-Interstate commerce issues
-Identification of good/services
-Possible workarounds to obtain federal protections + examples of successful arguments/registrations
3. States where cannabis trademarks have been registered
4. Treatment of cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp products
5. Infringement and enforcement issues
-Competing businesses in different states
-Likelihood of confusion with marks in non-cannabis industries
6. TTAB rulings
7. International protection: Canada and other countries
8. Agreements, licenses, and trade secrets
9. Ethical considerations
-Retainer agreements / disclaimers
10. Q&A session



"Trademark lawyers will inevitably face issues regarding cannabis-related marks either on the registration or enforcement side. This course provides an excellent overview of the interplay between federal and state law." – Jeanne Seewald

You guys are TRULY amazing. I have zero qualms about giving you all of my money. Your classes, your guides, your quick answers on FB…all make me a better and more confident attorney. THANK YOU!!! – Anonymous

Thanks to you and Erik for creating and providing great content!” – Xavier Hailey


Sonia and Erik are both trademark experts and great personalities who make their courses exciting." – Tony Booker