Rainmaking 2.0

Rainmaking 2.0



Why 2.0 you ask? Was there a 1.0 course you missed?

Nope. This course was deliberately named Rainmaking 2.0. Because 1.0 level effort is keeping you at 1.0 level revenue and it's time to end the feast-or-famine cycle once and for all.

There are plenty of coaches, consultants, and marketers spamming you to teach you how to market. The one huge problem? They've never built a law firm themselves. Now, it's time to learn from someone who has actually done it (and still does it every day!)

  • How long is the class? Total of 9 videos, each over an hour of content and Q&A.
  • How long do I have access to the videos? Forever! They are yours to keep for lifetime access.

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About this course

"I just started my solo practice...now what? How do I get clients?"

"I'm so sick of the roller coaster cycle of revenue as a law firm owner. How do I create regular revenue?"

"Why am I not getting more referrals?"

"How do I become the go-to expert in my field?"

"I wish I could stop worrying about how I'm going to get clients every month."

"Was it a mistake going out on my own? I have no idea what I'm doing!"

"I have so many notes, articles, and videos about marketing...and I haven't done anything with them."

If any of this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. Running a law firm is hard work and most of us never learned how to market correctly. We all go to networking events and have coffee with people, but is it really getting us anywhere?

It's time to learn the right way to market.

If you are willing to invest a few hours of your time, you can CRUSH your revenue goals and stop worrying about getting new clients, once and for all.

What's inside?

Class 1 - Mindset

  • How to differentiate yourself when it feels like everyone else is doing the same thing as you
  • How to set a growth mindset and step out of your comfort zone!

Class 2 - Time Management

  • How to choose what events and conferences are actually worth your time (and how to maximize your efforts)
  • How to work smarter, not harder and balance your time between business development and actually doing the work you brought in

Class 3  - Branding

  • How to become the go-to resource in your niche practice even if there are tons of other attorneys who offer the same area
  • How to develop a brand where you are viewed as the expert in your field
  • What to put on your email signature, business cards, and website that will make you memorable and unforgettable

Class 4 - Press & Media

  • How to get your name in press and media without hiring anyone or paying for it
  • Practical techniques for growing your business through the press & media

Class 5 - Networking and Relationship Building

  • What to actually do with all those business cards you collect after an event
  • How to create referral relationships where people willingly send you business without SEO, paid advertising, etc.
  • How to keep in touch without constantly going to lunches and coffees all the time

Class 6 - Social Media

  • How to use social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for marketing that actually results in new clients
  • How to create content once and repurpose it multiple different ways so you don't always have to come up with new ideas

Class 7 - The Wow Factor and Referral Building

  • The Wow Factor formula for leaving a lasting impression with clients that results in glowing testimonials and voluntary word-of-mouth referrals
  • How to stay top of mind for referrals even when you're not around
  • How to design an experience that keeps clients raving about you for years
  • The one email template I’ve used to get 90% of potential referral sources to meet me for coffee

Class 8 - Laser Coaching and Hot Seats

Class 9 - Encore and Q&A

...AND SO MUCH MORE! If you are committed to building a successful law practice, this jam-packed course will be one of the most valuable investments you will make!


"Sonia's Rainmaking 2.0 course is fantastic, as is her approach to teaching. She is open, honest, fun, and relatable in her teaching methods. And there is no doubt she's sharp as hell and dedicated to her work. Sonia is a great mentor and I'm very happy I took this course. Highly recommend." — Kristy Cook

"Marketing is something I have struggled with as a solo and I've spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to get it right because I understand just how important it is to my firm's survival. I love that Sonia offers this course and provides real strategies that she's used to getting where she is so that her students can have that same shot at success. Some things she taught, I never even thought of. Others were things I'd heard and knew I should do, but didn't exactly know the best way how. Now I know more, so I can do more. The best part is when I find myself doing things the way I'd been accustomed to doing them, I remember one of her nuggets and I'm like - nope, that's not the way to do it, and then I use her tried and true strategy and feel much better about the outcome immediately. Ultimately, I know I still have to do the work to get there, but I'm happy to know that I at least know-how! Thanks, Sonia." — Lerae Funderberg

"I love Sonia and anything she does, she puts her whole heart into it! She is very thorough and cuts no corners. I love how she gives meaningful homework that you actually learn and grow from. Some of the assignments get a bit uncomfortable but that’s how you know they are working! This class is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to do whatever is possible to win!! It’s well worth the price and I believe it will be hugely beneficial to the growth of my firm. I took the 2 Weeks to Trademarks course with her and after this one, I think that I am a lifetime student of hers! She’s the best coach/teacher that I’ve come across so far and I in no way regret giving her all of my monies! Haha!" — Brittany Sutton

"I've always said that I am a terrible networker/marketer. I came from Big Law and never had to do it. Also, I am introverted by nature, so getting clients in the door has been a struggle. Additionally, my clients are always thrilled with my work, but I find myself working more 'in my business' rather than 'on my business'. This course has been an eye-opener. After every class I find myself taking significant steps to improve my networking and marketing skills because I am just so excited to implement these tools. I've revamped my website to better reflect the services I offer and what sets me apart from others in my field and written new procedures that I intend to follow at each networking event I attend. I am so excited about the growth I know is going to happen as a result of these changes!" — Kara Stachel

"Sonia's high energy style of teaching is effective and fun! After the very first class, I already started seeing positive changes in my practice. I'm loving Rainmaking 2.0 so much and I'm certain her practical tips will be my firm's secret weapon going forward! I am excited to become a loyal member of Sonia's tribe and will absolutely sign up for anything else she offers!" — Agnes Martin

"I have been practicing law for over 20 years. I started in-house and in a large firm until striking out on my own. I was always busy enough and didn't focus on marketing. As a solo, I simply could not afford/did not need some of the bells and whistles offered by the many marketing companies. Sadly, a lot of the newer ways to reach out to potential clients simply passed me by. After concluding a long-standing matter with a client, I realized I hadn't focused on building my practice, and I had no idea where to begin. Sonia's class shares practical, no-to-low cost ideas and strategies for rebuilding my practice so that I can achieve a more consistent - and more profitable - revenue stream. I have a renewed excitement about my firm, and about the practice of law in general. I also met a lot of great people during the class in the chat sections and look forward to continuing those relationships." — Dianne Chubb

"I have been to many marketing courses and classes and this stands out as a class above and beyond all the other ones. What is unique about this course is that there is no attempt to sell you on further services or just a pitch of overall concepts and ways of marketing. Instead, these are clear and specific steps that you can take to effectively market and streamline your business so that you really can achieve your revenue goals. The enthusiasm with which Sonia teaches this class is amazing and I have already started to see results from actionable tasks she recommended. I can't recommend her class enough to anyone looking to find new ways to take your business to the next level. You will not be disappointed." — Svapna Trivedi

"Sonia has provided me with so many ideas to a network that I don't even know where to start. I'm excited and I feel empowered. I have already put some things in place and have started to see real results. The time management schedule was so helpful and has helped me feel less overwhelmed. My schedule is no longer dictated by others. I'm in control!"  Nicole Gaither

"I love that you provide very practical advice that a busy attorney can actually use. I also enjoy that you are super honest and real with us. Some of your suggestions have been challenging and may be difficult to implement, but that is why this program is so rewarding. Alicia Kikuchi

"Sonia's Rainmaking 2.0 course is exactly what I needed. Her insights into all of the various subjects are so helpful. It's great not to have to reinvent the wheel, and Sonia's class eliminates the need to do that. Rainmaking 2.0 will help an attorney of any level of experience to grow his or her law practice. I highly recommend this course to attorneys in every field." — Lydia Mount

"I was introduced to Sonia when I took the Boss Ladies Bootcamp in January 2018. I really enjoyed your sessions. Therefore, I was excited about her Rainmaking class. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sonia's candid speech and presentation. That is a bonus because I am learning so much about myself, as an individual and as a business person. In addition to getting better organized, I am receiving tips on branding and reaching my target market. I feel so much more confident to implement my ideas. Thank you so much, Sonia.— Jan Meyer

"I love Rainmaking 2.0! Sonia not only shares ideas that have worked for her at different iterations of her solo practice, but she actually shows you how to put the marketing tactics into practice in a real, direct, straight forward manner. Rainmaking 2.0 is a mix of practice management and marketing tactics that any new solo attorney could benefit from because what’s covered saves you time from having to figure out marketing pieces completely from scratch. Some of the ideas covered I already used in my practice, but through the course, I was able to see how I could enhance it, and I have. Other ideas I had only vaguely heard of or thought about, but without knowing the how, didn’t implement. Overall, Rainmaking 2.0 gives you real tools (without spending thousands of dollars to a PR/marketing/social media company) to build the practice you want." — Melanie Cunningham

"Really great class for any attorney looking to hang their own shingle or bring in more clients to their firm. Very implementable strategies for lead generation. Although designed for attorneys, many techniques can easily translate to other industries."  Erica DiAngelo

"Sonia's classes are always an investment and I am never, ever sorry I spent the time and money required to attend them. Even though I've taken many of her classes and some have overlapped in the material taught, I always learn something new that makes it all worth it. Sonia's material is never stagnant. It changes to reflect what she's continued to learn and what her students want to know more about. It doesn't feel formulaic. It is actionable. It is finite. It is specific. This makes applying what I learn in her courses easy to do from the day it is taught instead of being tucked away for 'someday when I have more time.' That, to me, is an instant return on investment. Sonia genuinely loves to teach and it shows. Truth be told, if she held a webinar on opening a paper bag, I would gladly sign up. She's that good. After a year of taking classes with her, I am that confident the content she provides and the competency with which she presents it. Tara Murphy

"Sonia really understands the psychological traps that hold us back from promoting ourselves. However, she refuses to allow us to use this as an excuse!"  Rachel Ponder

"Sonia is a fantastic teacher and mentor. She has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that obviously comes from practical experience. Her enthusiasm and confidence in the ideas and tools she shares are inspiring.— Eleanor Washburn

"I have been practicing law for over 16 years in 4 different, national Big Law firms, each with a dedicated business development/marketing department, and all of that combined have never amounted to as many useful, practical and hands-on instruction as I received in any single Rainmaking 2.0 class! Sonia jumps right in and tells you exactly what you should be doing and gives you several different ways to do it and holds you accountable for getting it done. This is not the typical generic and vague suggestions you’re used to. This was nuts and bolts down to every last detail to increase your visibility and brand. Sonia doesn’t hold anything back! As a new solo practitioner, this class propelled me up the GIANT learning curve involved in going out on your own. Definitely worth every penny I spent! Sheila Gibson

"I have taken numerous courses from Sonia Lakhany because she continues to provide excellent content and practical information that I can immediately use in my law practice. And, Rainmaking 2.0 was no exception. There, she explained the practical techniques that she used to build her practice without using paid services, such as SEO and Google Ads. In addition to explaining how to effectively use different marketing channels (e.g., networking and referral building), she explained her time management strategies and tips for managing the marketing system of her practice – this invaluable. Rainmaking 2.0 is a must take the course if you are serious about building a successful law practice. Xavier Hailey

"Rainmaking 2.0 has exceeded my expectations by providing extremely practical advice and specific examples and suggestions. Sonia is awesome at taking seemingly large tasks and breaking them down step-by-step, making them her advice and strategies feel less intimidating and very doable. I am so glad that I took this class and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a push or great strategies to help take their business to the next level. Jennifer Morando

"This class is literally one of a kind. Sonia is amazing at what she does and this class definitely gives you the confidence of wanting to start your own practice right off the bat! All the tips, tricks, and advice really help you understand what you've been doing so far, and what you need improvement on through step by step instructions! The accountability check-ins are the best because it pushes you to really think about what you can do differently and share it with others in order to gain a different perspective. I could not have asked for a better way to start off 2019 than by tackling head on how I need to improve and gaining the confidence I need in order to succeed! Thank you Sonia SO much for this!" — Niyati Sangani

"I really liked the class because it gives you not only the instructions to become a rainmaker, but also the feelings, experiences, and thinking behind the techniques. You don't get this from most rainmaking classes that just give you instructions. Sonia also pushed you to apply the techniques so that you could walk the walk of a rainmaker." — Tony Booker

"This class has reinforced that we are on the right track with our marketing strategy and plan. I've learned some clever tricks I hadn't previously thought of before. It's packed with great content and information." — Allison Tilton