TM Attorney Starter Pack

TM Attorney Starter Pack


Just starting your career in trademarks and have no clue where to start? Or maybe you’ve been at it for awhile but you still feel…just all over the place. Not to worry - Sonia's got you!  Welcome to the brand-spankin’-new Trademark Attorney Starter Pack!

Be sure to scroll alllll the way down for all the details of what's in this awesome new Starter Pack along with a previously recorded 2 1/2 hour class that covers the basic fundamentals practicing trademark law!

And... your purchase of this Starter Pack will be credited toward 2 Weeks to Trademarks if you enroll within 30 days of buying it!

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Is it the same as 2 Weeks to Trademarks?

Nope. This Starter Pack is VERY guide- and checklist-heavy. It is not a 30+ hour video course like 2 Weeks to Trademarks.

It is intended to be a starting point for someone who is beginning a trademark practice. It will help you understand the practice area, become fluent with the concepts and terms used, and equip you to start taking on clients. It will also get your feet wet as you decide if you want to pursue this area - and then, we'll hopefully see you in 2 Weeks to Trademarks (since you get credit for the cost of this!)

What's inside?

Welcome to the brand-spankin’-new Trademark Attorney Starter Pack! Just like a suitcase for one of her adventure-filled trips, Sonia has packed this baby to the brim with tons of hot-off-the-press resources to help you crush it in your trademark practice.

First and foremost, this video training is over 2 hours and is the perfect appetizer sampler to give you a tasting of all that this practice area involves. In addition, take a look at this insane list of everything that is included in this Starter Pack:

  1. A Launch Blueprint to start your firm, with a step-by-step guide of all the logistics and operational details you need to get set up and start taking clients
  2. An extensive Glossary of all the terms and phrases used in trademark practice so you can speak intelligently to clients and while creating content (no more of those confusing acronyms!)
  3. A list of Consultation/Intake Questions to ask and information to collect during a consultation (your secret weapon to being confidently prepared for the call, even if you have imposter syndrome!)
  4. Sample answers to Client FAQ (not only will this help you during a consultation but you can literally copy these and make them into posts and/or videos for content = win-win!)
  5. A Sample Fee Agreement to get started once you crush it on that consultation (because obviously, you will!)
  6. A First Glance Checklist to evaluate a potential client’s mark during the consultation (this will help you gauge if the client can even proceed with the process)
  7. Naming Guide to help you counsel your clients on the types of names the USPTO favors vs. which types to avoid. This will be especially helpful if your client's first choice name is a no-go!
  8. A Search + Application Checklist of every single detail you will need to run a search and/or file an application (no more going back and forth with a client or forgetting something!)
  9. A Cheat Sheet of Classes 1-45 that details not only which goods and services belong in which category (to help structure your search), but also which are “lumped together” by the USPTO and considered confusingly similar (this will prevent those pesky 2(d) refusals that you didn’t see coming!)
  10. An LOC Evaluation Guide to properly evaluate the risks of likelihood of confusion between 2 or more marks (gotta do everything we can to avoid our good friend, the 2(d) refusal!)
  11. A Sample Opinion Letter that contains all the cover-your-booty boiler plate language (that you may not even know that you need to include!)
  12. A First Use Guide to help you navigate all those, “Is this proof of use?” situations
  13. A Specimen Q&A Guide to help you and your client answer all the tricky specimen questions (this makes a great companion to the Speci-Manual !)
  14. A Tools & Apps list of Sonia’s trusted tools, apps, and software to run her practice with minimal effort PLUS a snazzy lineup of discount codes to try them out (yay, saving money!)
  15. A beautifully illustrated Trademark Workflow so you can visually see the entire trademark process and never miss a step!
  16. Words of Advice from 34 Successful Trademark attorneys to help you with some wisdom and tips! 

*Some components of this Starter Pack are also included in 2W2TM, such as: Glossary, Sample Fee Agreement, and Sample Opinion Letter.

**All 2W2TM students received this product for FREE as an extra thank you for being part of the 2W2TM fam!

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