Work Smarter, Not Harder™

Work Smarter, Not Harder™


Want the scoop on how to make client communication a breeze? Want to be able to have a thorough yet quick and easy response to most of your client’s needs? You’ve come to the right place!


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    About this class

    This is the one rare time it is completely acceptable (in fact, encouraged!) to copy someone else's work! This brand spankin' new offering from Sonia and Erik hands you the keys right over to more than 20 different client communication templates for the most common needs you have while practicing trademarks. In fact, you can adapt many of these to other practice areas too. It's all about working smarter, not harder, while keeping the client informed and happy! So get your keyboard ready to copy and paste these juicy nuggets right into your own branding and colors and use the extra time you saved for something fun!

    What's inside?

    I. Overview

    Creating goals when communicating and making your client communication next level with the help of Sonia and Erik. We will discuss the goals and rationale for clear client communications to set the framework. And then we will go through some of the templates to make your client communications more effective and top-notch client service while at the same time reducing your time and effort.

    II. Templates

    • Inquiry
    • Registration email
    • Registration letter
    • Renewal due email
    • Renewal reminder email
    • Notice of Allowance – services
    • Notice of Allowance - goods
    • Notice of Publication – 1(a)
    • Notice of Publication – 1(b)
    • Extension of time to submit statement of use filed – extensions 1-4
    • Extension of time to submit statement of use filed – extension 5
    • Renewal filed
    • Office Action response filed
    • Application filed – 1(a)
    • Application filed – 1(b)
    • Application to be signed
    • Renewal to be signed
    • Suspension
    • Notice of Abandonment
    • Failed Appeal
    • Extension to Oppose has been filed
    • Notice of Opposition has been filed
    • Email from foreign counsel regarding possible conflict
    • Various office action issues
      - Descriptive
      - 2d
      - ID/class
      - Logo/drawing
      - Specimen

    III. Q&A 

    When does it take place?

    You will receive immediate access to a download of a recording of Erik and Sonia which also includes a Q&A with other attorneys.


    Yes! I love that I don't have reinvent the wheel! This product and Sonia's advice makes my practice run so much faster and smoother. I get so many good practice tips (and life tips) that help me systemize and scale MY ENTIRE LIFE. Great stuff, love to work smarter! - Julie Grabbe