Conquer the Consultation

Conquer the Consultation


One of the most important aspects of owning a law firm is, of course, getting that retainer. After all...what good is being a great lawyer if you can't sign clients? This is where you need a solid sales skill set. How to explain the trademark process, how to answer common questions, and how to ensure you receive a YES at the end of the call!

  • How long is the class? Over 3 hours!
  • How long do I have access to the videos? Forever! The materials are yours to keep for lifetime access.

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About this course

Many attorneys, like yourself, struggle with the sales process, which of course, starts with the consultation. You have questions about how to price your services, what to say, and how to handle certain situations. Luckily, this masterclass has all the answers.

What's inside?

  • Sonia's complete system of handling incoming leads from start to finish, including the software, the processes, and the procedures
  • How to interpret a buyer's personality type within minutes into a consultation
  • What order to present information about the trademark process
  • What questions to ask your prospective clients to know immediately whether he or she is worth your time
  • Crafted answers to the most commonly asked questions by prospective clients
  • Time-tested responses to common objections/push back from prospective clients
  • How to handle the "price-shoppers"/"tire-kickers"
  • How to handle the inevitable "LegalZoom" questions
  • Sonia's word-for-word script to explain fees and convey the value we provide as lawyers
  • To bake or not to bake (filing fees into the price): the debate settled (and how to do it, if you choose to)
  • To charge or not to charge for consultations: the debate settled (and how to do it, if you choose to)
  • The best strategy for follow-up after the consultation is finished - how often, what to say, etc.


"Thank you for sending me Conquer the Consultation – I really appreciate it. I had my first client consultation today and your video really helped me structure my sales pitch and be more confident. I look forward to other classes. I am so glad I decided to sign up." – Hayoon Kane

"I am partway through your Conquer the Consultation presentation. My mind was completely blown. I incorporated some of the techniques into a consultation I had this morning and I could tell the difference. I am considering changing my consultation process (I charge for them now) because of your video. Thank you thank you!! You're a marketing/legal genius." – Merlyne Jean-Louis

"I would highly recommend any of Sonia's classes and if you have the chance to have some of her valuable time -- take it! Cherish it! And then go onward and upward from there! I have quadrupled my filings since taking her course AND have really drilled down the educating piece of my practice. Three cheers for Sonia!" – Brittany Ratelle

"Trademark lawyer lady? More like a trademark lawyer goddess! Ms. Lakhany is an ABSOLUTE GEM! I cannot wait to take more classes with her and be able to build a practice I truly enjoy!" – Niyati Sangani