I Got 99 Problems... But Delegation Ain't One

I Got 99 Problems... But Delegation Ain't One


You hear it all the time...

..."Work on your business, not in your business. Outsource more. Buy back your time." Whether you are a "true solo" or building out your team, you can't afford to miss this training taught by Sonia Lakhany and Lindsey Corbin.

But what if you don't know how to go about it or where to start? Maybe you've tried it once or twice and it didn't go very well, so you gave up hope. Here you are trying to be the Head of Marketing, Director of Human Resources, IT Specialist, Chief Financial Officer...oh, and let's not forget, the actual lawyer. No wonder you feel like you're going nuts! And if you're being honest with yourself...it's making you resent your law practice a little.

All that stops here. Roll up your sleeves and bring your coffee, tea, wine, or other beverage of choice to your computer and get ready to WORK because you will leave armed with all the below plus the relief of knowing you have a plan in place and that you can finally get some free time back and enjoy your life again.

In case you were wondering...no, you do not have to hire a full-time associate (or employee, for that matter) if you’re not there yet. This class is optimal, actually, for the utilization of contractors and virtual assistants. An added bonus is a sample job description for an Executive Assistant included as part of the download so you can customize it to you needs and get hiring someone asap! This is the template Sonia has used for years to get some of her best team members in her business.


  • Thinking like a CEO
    • Re-frame your mentality and mindset to take yourself out of the equation and let your business run without you
    • Time managing
      • An organized way to manage your time and calendar without feeling overwhelmed or panicked 
      • Tips and tricks to use your time efficiently and productively, and actually get more done in less time
    • Hiring
      • Categorization of your administrative, marketing, financial, sales, and legal tasks so that you can make sense of what needs to be done and when
      • Drafting job descriptions
        • Sample included
      • Hiring and interview criteria to select the candidate(s) right for you
      • Drafting SOP’s/processes
    • Managing
      • An understanding of how to manage, oversee, and communicate with contractors and virtual assistants
      • Thinking about a workflow for your practice overall
  • Trademark lawyering – how you can best utilize external resources to focus on the things you like to do and delegate those you don’t!
    • Searches
    • Applications
    • Office Actions
    • After the registration
    • Docketing/deadlines
    • Client-facing
      • Communication
      • Management
      • Proactive updates
      • Following up
      • Billing

In case you were wondering...

  • How long is the class? Over 2 hours!
  • Is there CLE credit? No, sorry!