Keep the Change(s)

Keep the Change(s)


What is "Keep the Change(s)"?

For starters, did you know TESS is gone now? It was taken down on Nov. 30, 2023.

It's quite the end-of-the-year holiday present - the USPTO took away the TESS database we have been using for years, and replaced it with an entirely new search system. So that means we trademark attorneys have some catching up to do, don't we?

Not only do we need to learn what the new system involves, we also need to learn how to implement these changes into our practices.

Keep the Change(s) was an expert-packed webinar on Nov. 29, 2023 with Sonia Lakhany, Rachael Dickson, and Erik Pelton. Both Rachael and Erik used to be Examining Attorneys at the USPTO, so who better to lead this training? Not only did we go over the substantive legal knowledge, but then Sonia taught 3 major marketing strategies to use these changes in your marketing. Everyone loved the dicussion!

Below is a general list of what was covered. The duration of this class is just over 2 hours.

And yes...
✓ You receive access to the training immediately upon purchase (start watching it right away if you want!)
✓ You have lifetime access
✓ CLE credit is offered (woohoo!)


The What 

  • Why searching the trademark register is important
  • Why we are losing TESS
  • Comparing TESS vs. TESS 2/The New Trademark Search Tool
  • TESS2 limitations and unknowns
  • Finding the glossary of field tags
  • Some differences from TESS
  • Useful field codes and operators
  • 2(d) Likelihood of Confusion searches
  • Design searches
  • Searching designs and words together
  • Determining descriptive and generic concerns using trademark search
  • Finding the USPTO's mark searches

The How

  • What TESS2 means for your trademark practice
  • Will clients start searching marks themselves?
  • What to change during your consultation process
  • Implementing the changes into your workflows and processes
  • Not one...
  • Not two...
  • But THREE major marketing strategies to use these changes to benefit your business development and gain more trademark clients


"This is SO GOOD- thank you Sonia! 💖" - Lily Wittmeier, Esq.

"This is great!" - Merlyne Jean-Louis, Esq.

"This was excellent, thank you very much Sonia, Erik and Rachael!" - Shannon Villalba, Esq.

"Thank you guys! Very helpful." - Brittany Ratelle, Esq.

"Thanks so much for this!" - Jaime Tetreault, Esq.

 "Great class!" - Laurie Williams, Esq.

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