Specimen Guide (Editable Word Version)

Specimen Guide (Editable Word Version)


 The latest labor of love brought to you by Lindsey Corbin and Sonia Lakhany! Gone are the days you go back and forth with a client trying to explain why their specimen was rejected, what constitutes an acceptable specimen, and alllll the teeny tiny details that go into showing use. Better yet, use this guide to advise your clients on the front end on how to design their marketing and sales materials to ensure there won’t be a rejection in the first place! We’ve covered all the problem classes (looking at you, IC 025, 035, and 041…ahem) plus tons of pictures and examples.

Choose from 2 versions:

Desktop Reference Guide (link here) which is best for internal reference, consultations, and advising clients;


Editable Word Version (this product) which is basically the gift from your trademark fairy godmother, featuring examples for every single class (1-45), with explanations, tips, and tricks to make sure that you are submitting the right specimen the first time around. Customize as you see fit (because it’s a Word doc, woo!), so you can add your own firm branding, add it to your website, or even include it in your new client onboarding process. 


How long do I have access to the guide? Forever. It is yours to keep for lifetime success!

How do I decide between the two? It depends on whether you just want the information for reference (that would be the Desktop Reference Guide) or if you want to be able to customize it with your colors, branding, etc. and be able to edit the text (that would be this product). Other than that the content is the same between the two.