Co-Existence and Consent Agreements

Co-Existence and Consent Agreements


Every now and again, there is a need to negotiate a Co-Existence or Consent Agreement. But, where do you start? How do you know you're not missing something? How are you supposed to know what to ask for or agree to? 

      About this course

      Sonia and Erik are back again with an action-packed class on Co-existence and Consent Agreements. You will not only receive the recorded class, but you will also receive a link to download a workbook containing 10 example templates - to keep for lifetime access, of course.

      Below is a rough outline of what will be covered. You can also feel free to email questions in advance, and they will be answered during the class.

      • Introduction to Co-Existence and Consent Agreements
      • When each are appropriate
      • Key elements of each
      • Consenting to registration
      • Consenting to use
      • Relevant TMEP Sections
      • Why examiner might refuse
      • How and when to submit to Examiner
      • Sample provisions
      • How and when to include as part of broader resolutions

      You will receive a downloadable recording on this class, for you to keep for lifetime access.