Jeff Kerr

I’ve worked with Sonia on several trademark matters, and Sonia provides top-notch legal service at a very reasonable price. If you’re a business owner, a strongly recommend Lakhany Law as an alternative to a large law firm. I’m a lawyer myself, and I can vouch for the extremely high quality of Sonia’s work. She’s got your back.

Jarrod Jenkins

Like me, Sonia is an attorney and entrepreneur. I work in the startup world, so I expect things to move extremely fast. I’ve never had a problem getting a response when I needed it and Sonia does a great job keeping my co-founder and me in the loop about deadlines. We definitely plan on using her again for future trademark filings.

Marc Bloch

We are both a law firm and a client of Lakhany Law. We handle a different area of law, and are not familiar with patent/trademark law. We were concerned about our name or likeness being copied, so I went to Sonia for help. She made the trademarking process incredibly easy and seamless and was always responsive to any questions or concerns I raised. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Marc McAvoy

I’m a small business owner and my concerns about our expired trademarks were put to rest as Sonia was able to get them back on track – Issue Solved. It’s really nice being able to relax knowing that important issues like these are being handled with competence and diligence. AND, I’m very pleased with the regular updates, swift email responses, and personal attention. We’re a growing company and it’s a comfort knowing that Sonia will be a reliable, available expert to go to bat for us and assist in that growth.

Gurinder Dhaliwal

Sonia is more than a trademark attorney, she is a business law specialist. She was quick to answer and eager to help. This is so rare when it comes to lawyers and trust me, I deal with a lot of lawyers! I have a current working relationship with her and not once have I felt skeptical of her abilities. Clear, concise, and knowledgeable are the first three words that come to mind when I think of Sonia. I highly recommend her for anything business related.

Robby Pinnamaneni

I’m a corporate/real estate attorney that was involved with an EdTech start-up seeking to protect certain intellectual property and brand value. After consulting my colleagues I was unanimously lead to Sonia Lakhany as the go-to trademark person. As a practitioner I have very high standards and Ms. Lakhany delivered on all counts. And, most importantly, she made me look good to the client, which comports with Sonia’s dedication and helpfulness throughout every step of the process. Recommended for sure.

Jasmine Kinard

Sonia Lakhany is very informed and takes pride her work. I appreciate the convenience of being able to email, call or meet up to ask questions.

Loreal Gavin

So smart, kind, and intuitive. All the things you would want in someone who is helping protect and solidify one’s brand.

Saba Ali

Sonia is knowledgeable in the subject matter and is very direct about costs, which is sometimes very ambiguous when speaking with legal professionals.

Kamran Siddiqui

Sonia has been a pleasure to work with! She’s honest, upfront, and very direct – all qualities you’d want from an attorney. She’s also very business savvy and has been a trusted advisor for me in getting my business off the ground.

Mike Lewis

Sonia was referred by our attorney to handle a trademark issue. We found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. Sonia handled our transaction in a timely manner and we were pleased with the results. We would recommend her for trademark issues.

Christie Baer

Founder, Company

Sonia really understands trademark law and explains it in a way anyone can understand. She is polished, approachable, and a marketing genius. Anyone who is thinking of starting a business should talk to her before they really get going with their marketing.

Colin Diaz

Founder, Company

Sonia has the unique combination of professional intelligence and world-class customer service. It’s a rarity to find in any field, especially amongst the many preconceived notions of lawyers. Her attention to detail, explanation of options, and over-communication of process only pale to her overall care and compassion for her clients. It was evident from initial encounters that Sonia was both knowledgeable and very passionate about her work. These are qualities that our company finds very valuable and necessary for what we are trying to accomplish. The fact that she continues to exceed our expectations with regards to patience and follow-through are the reasons that we’ve followed her wherever she goes. We look forward to working with her, as a brand, and I personally look forward to working with her in my other endeavors. I will continue to sing her praises and refer clients her way because I know that they will be pleased by her work ethic, due diligence, process, and general expertise.

Crystal Kadakia

Founder, Company

Sonia is my new legal partner for my growing consulting firm. Sonia has a great business philosophy and customer service approach – she’s someone I can trust as a partner for my business. She patiently answers my questions and looks out for both of our interests. She is knowledgeable and truly a pleasure to work with. I feel like she is a role model for lawyers and I’m really glad to start a long-lasting relationship with her!

Tania Campbell

Founder, Company

I chose Sonia to represent me when a copyright I owned was used without my permission. She is extremely knowledgeable in copyright laws and patiently guided me through the process. Sonia performed a thorough investigation, assisted me with tough decisions, kept me informed of the status of my case, and was always prompt with communications. I never felt I wasn’t represented 110%. I highly recommend Sonia Lakhany. Thanks, Sonia!

Joshua Zinns

Founder, Company

Sonia was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She provided valuable and thoughtful advice. I would recommend her for your corporate and trademark legal needs!

Leslie Abrams

Founder, Company

Sonia was super easy, friendly, and genuine to speak to. She clearly explained the process of having my business trademarked in a language that I could understand. I am excited to be working with her and will be referring her to anyone in need of this type of service. Thank you so much for making this a great experience!

Ryan Balmes

Founder, Company

Sonia has been an absolute pleasure to work with as a new business owner. From the phone call consult I knew immediately that I was working with a lawyer that was very good at what she does. I felt immediately at ease as she answered all my questions and even gave me further points to consider. I loved that she did that because I felt that she was genuinely interested in the well-being of my business as I was. And look, being a big-do-everything-online guy myself, I was close to going with the LegalZoom lawyers because of their subscription model, but my instincts told me to go local and work with someone I can actually meet and talk to. I am very pleased with my decision to reach out to Sonia to help me with my legal needs. We have worked together on one of my early business needs, and I am eager to continue work with her as my business grows. I’m excited to further draw upon her expertise because I can have absolute peace of mind that my growing business is operating legally sound. If you’re a business owner, I highly recommend Sonia for your legal needs without reservation.

Tamara Clark

Founder, Company

We hired Sonia to deal with a trademark issue we were having. When we initially met with her, it was very clear to us that she knew her profession well and we could trust her. We did not have a second thought about hiring her. She was extremely professional, and detailed oriented during any and all conversations. The outcome of our case was a success and we have Sonia to thank for that! I highly recommend her for any trademark issues you may face.

Shurrice Salazar

Founder, Company

We had lots of questions about protecting the brands for our family business and Sonia was highly recommended – and for good reason. She is an expert in this area and took her time to help explain the process and was always available for a phone call. We felt comfortable trusting her with our trademark needs and plan to use her firm again in the future. Sonia is very friendly and personable, and not at all like a typical stuffy lawyer. It is no wonder she is featured in so many news articles and publications – she knows really knows her stuff!

Julia Franks

Founder, Company

Ms. Lakhany was a pleasure to work with. She registered a trademark for my company and was very clear up front about the time involved and the fees. She facilitated my needs and changes at every step. During the process, she kept me apprised of where we were and what she thought our chances of success were. I would definitely work with her again.