2 Weeks to Trademarks (Boss of a M-F Empire)

2 Weeks to Trademarks (Boss of a M-F Empire)


This is the Boss of M-F tier of 2 Weeks to Trademarks. This class is right for you if: 

  • You want to be able to ask Sonia questions after you watch the class videos (this class comes with a Q&A session call!)
  • You want help with the consultation process (this class comes with Conquer the Consultation for FREE - click here to read more!)
  • You need help marketing to get more trademark clients (this class comes with Rainmaking 2.0 for FREE - click here to read more)
  • You need help building referral relationships (this class comes with a FREE BONUS CLASS on how to do this!)

This class is not right for you if:


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About this Course

Do you currently practice trademark law but are afraid to take on more filings because you aren't entirely sure you're doing it right?

Maybe you've filed a handful of applications but you keep getting Office Actions that you don't know how to fix?

Do you have your own law practice and wish you could make more money by adding trademarks as a practice area?

Or maybe you're just sick of the drama of your current practice area and want to switch fields altogether!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place! You don't have time to read a bunch of books and hope you understood everything correctly. You don't want to mess up a trademark application and waste the client's money and time...so what's the solution?

Introducing the online course 2 Weeks to TrademarksTrademarks are of the best areas of law to practice for several reasons: 

  • They are electronic and paperless - you can file a trademark from anywhere in the world
  • You don't need a specific state bar (any bar admission is fine) and you can practice nationwide
  • No heavy redwelds/accordion files to manage
  • No court dates or scheduling orders
  • They are almost entirely flat fee 
  • They have a standard process which makes them easy to add to any practice
Sonia will walk you through all the basics of practicing trademark law, including how to perform a proper clearance search, how to correctly file a trademark application (and what information you need), how to resolve common Office Actions that you might receive, and lastly, how to ensure renewal and maintenance deadlines are never missed. 
Best of all, the course is two weeks long, so you'll be up and running without having to invest months and months of learning - regardless of whether you are an attorney, paralegal, or law student!

What's Inside?

  • Four (4) videos, each over two (2) hours - in total, almost 10 hours of instruction - to watch at your own time and pace. It will take you 2 weeks or less, hence the name!
  • Step-by-step tutorial on trademark searches, application filings, Office Action responses, and renewals by one of the most successful trademark attorneys in the field walking you through each screen
  • Word-for-word templates (actual Word and PDF documents!) of all the documents you'll need, such as Opinion Letter, Notice of Publication Letter, and Registration Letter
  • The expertise of someone who not only knows the field but still practices daily
  • Software discounts on almost all of the tools you'll need to get started
  • Lifetime access to all the materials - you keep everything forever!

Course Outline

  • The difference between the various types of intellectual property (trademark, copyright, and patent) so you can help advise your clients on what they need
  • The difference between state and federal trademarks and which type is best for your client
  • How to properly perform a trademark clearance search and draft an opinion letter
  • The differences between the various types of trademark applications (in-use (1(a)) and intent-to-use (1(b))
  • What information you need to draft trademark applications and how to do it correctly
  • The different types of specimens you need based on what the goods/services are
  • How to respond to the most common Office Actions, such as likelihood of confusion (2(d)) and merely descriptive (2(e)) along with many of the more administrative ones dealing with specimens, disclaimers, mark descriptions, and descriptions of goods and services
  • How to keep track of all the deadlines along the way, such as maintenance and renewal dates


"Taking the Two Weeks to Trademarks class was the best money I have spent so far as an attorney. Sonia is very passionate, organized, and thorough in her class. She not only provides the tools to start handling trademark applications upon completion of the class but also useful tips for practice management. I will definitely be taking more courses from her! I've thought about all the money I've spent on other CLEs, etc. (like the conference I'm going to this week), and I can guarantee you that I will not learn as much there as I have here already. Thanks for letting me in on this!" – Pamela Fero

"This is a great course designed for the practicing attorney. Not only do you receive keen insights in Trademark Law, but you will also get great how-to best practices. You will be able to immediately apply the knowledge you learn and go forward confidently.  I recommend this course for new attorneys, as well as experienced attorneys. New attorneys will receive a solid foundation on how to run their practice and experienced attorneys can learn more efficient ways of running their firm." – Marcus Shute

"As a new lawyer and someone who had a concentration in intellectual property in law school, this course was a great way to learn how to put the basic information I had acquired from school into actual practice. Not only do you get a refresher on the basics of trademarks and all the substantive filing knowledge you need to put you on track to starting your own trademark firm, but Sonia was also able to share the tricks that come with years of practice. She went into great detail on the day-to-day process of what it takes to succeed, including how to manage your time as a true professional, important practice software, as well as key tips on how to market yourself to a client and keep your newly minted practice up and running. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take on a new practice area or is interested in IP and helping entrepreneurs, businesses, and creatives protect their brand." – Nicholas Belcastro

"Sonia Lakhany’s course “2 Weeks To Trademarks” is a must take for individuals who are transiting into the trademark practice area….The templates are definitely an added bonus and have been extremely useful for me with communicating with clients in my practice. Sonia is an excellent and patient instructor, who has invaluable depth of knowledge in trademark law and in running a successful law practice. She is very transparent and does not hold back any information, whether the information is about tools that she uses in her practice or is about how she markets to clients. I was skeptical about investing into this course because I had some familiarity with trademark law prior to taking the “2 Weeks To Trademarks” course and because I was unsure whether this course would be best use of my money.  However, I am glad that I did sign up for the course because it gave me confidence to really dive into this practice area.  So far, I have engaged one client and have two potential clients since the course ended three weeks ago." Xavier Hailey

"This class was everything I needed! I am focusing my practice areas on trademarks and I wanted to make sure that I could be confident in providing this service to my clients. She was thorough with the information, willing to answer questions and withheld nothing. Hands down worth the money!"Tanisia Moore

"Sonia's classes are for anyone who needs to understand the "process" of how to quickly and efficiently register a trademark/service mark for your client!  She is dynamic, engaging and very informative.  The class is well worth the money!"Donna Rinck  

"If you are looking to get to the meat of trademark law practice, without all the fluff, Sonia's 2 weeks to trademarks class is for you. Sonia gives you all the information you need to start making money and expanding your client base. The practice and marketing tips are invaluable and often generally applicable across practice areas. I'm so glad I made this investment and you will be too!" – Ryenne Shaw

"Thank you for providing such awesome content in a condensed timeframe! I learned so much. I particularly liked the demonstration of logo searching and the examples you used for making proper classifications. I look forward to reviewing all supplemental materials that come along with the course & to finding success in the implementation of the tools learned as a result of your course! Great work! Keep thinking outside of the traditional legal box!"– Lisa Ventress

"I didn't think I needed to learn more about trademarks because I had been doing it for about 10 years as a supplement to my business transactions practice, until I heard Sonia talk about her class. I've only done half of the 2 Weeks to Trademark Class and have learned so much about what an exclusive trademark practitioner is doing as best practices.  I feel more confident in my knowledge and advising clients on trademark matters, which means more revenue for my firm. Whether you are dabbling in it right now or want to add trademarks to your practice, it is well worth the investment of your time."Dan Nguyen

"If anyone is in the bubble about taking this class, I can honestly say it is totally worth it. It was full of practical and useful information! Aside from providing step-by-step directions as to how to navigate the entire trademark application process, practice tips, and how to address office actions, Sonia Lakhany mixes in tips on marketing, sales and practice-management. All of which have been extremely helpful for me as I set up my new boutique practice. Moreover, I have found that I am able to apply several of her techniques to my other practice areas. I recommend the 2 Weeks to trademarks class for anyone looking to add trademarks to their practice and learn tips on how to streamline their workflow." – Amanda McCoy

"I have got to give huge kudos to Sonia Lakhany and her 2 Weeks to Trademarks Course! Sonia is a real-world teacher. She takes you from the very introductory steps all the way through advanced steps needed to start or advance your trademarks practice, including practice-ready tips in this quick course. Sonia is approachable and goes above and beyond in answering any questions you may have – even if they aren’t directly related to the course. It was a pleasure learning from Sonia and I am happy to have her in my corner as an expert and legal colleague. And, as an extra bonus, I set up the intake of my first Trademark client before I even completed the course! Thank you so much, Sonia, for bringing this area into my practice." – Nicole Mason

"I am three classes into Sonia's trademark course. It is action-packed! Especially Classes 2 and 3 so get ready. I am enjoying the training because I am receiving great information in a non-stuffy environment. Sonia is so funny and she doesn’t know it – it’s natural which makes you enjoy it even more.  I really appreciate the opportunity to take this class. Sonia points out mistakes attorneys make which I have witnessed myself. Great class...thanks Sonia!" – Mia McMichael

"Sonia’s 2 Weeks to Trademarks class is perfect for any practitioner who wants to learn the practice of trademarks. Her method of delivery is clear and concise and she doesn’t hold anything back. I don’t know of any other practicing attorney who would disclose so much about the inner-workings of their practice. I’ve paid so much money for CLEs over the years, and nothing comes close to the wealth of information that I got from this class. I would highly recommend this class to any attorney who is interested in the trademarks practice." – Victoria Smolyar

"To say that the Trademark course exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Although I had previously filed a few trademarks, I was terrified of messing them up throughout the entire process. I also lacked the confidence to market this part of my practice to other clients. My fears have now subsided and I am eager to grow my trademark practice, starting with the client I retained before the course was even over. Thank you for sharing such valuable information." – Amanda Jelks

"Two Weeks to Trademarks was time and money well spent.  Sonia is a dynamic teacher and she presents the information in a useful and practical manner. Her passion for her practice and in helping others to learn this area of law is inspiring.  With this eight hour class, plus group phone conference, plus one-on-one phone calls with Sonia, I will be able to jump in to trademarks with confidence and know-how thanks to Sonia's organized teaching, useful templates and hands on teaching of the process. I would highly recommend this class." – Kristine Warren

"Holy shitballs! I just finished class 3 of 4 and I have to say…THANK YOU for creating an amazing CLE that does not hide the ball and is not a ploy to get you to buy the next class, and the next class, and the next class, to finally get the carrot. So much useful info that translates to all areas of practice. Truly, this has been such an eye opener and I am so excited to dive into an area of law that never dawned on me as an option. Further, I am licensed in four states and have an office in Fort Lauderdale, FL and another in Pittsburgh, PA, so this gives me the flexibility to move around the country that I was looking for when I decided to take three bar exams, waive into one state, and yet still never got me where I wanted to be." – Kara Stachel

"Sonia’s 2 Weeks to Trademarks is an extremely valuable and useful course that exceeded my expectations.  This is a practical nuts and bolts course that will help you get a trademark practice up and running in a very short period of time (2 weeks as the name suggests, in fact).  It covers both the important law as well as the practical client intake, filing and other aspects of trademark practice that you wouldn’t get in most (probably any) CLEs on trademarks.  I highly recommend it!" - Kate Stanton

"Sonia Lakhany's "2 Weeks to Trademark" course was exactly the sort of kickstart I needed to begin building my own trademark registration practice area after many years working exclusively in the bankruptcy field. The course was exactly the right balance of substantive and procedural information, with plenty of helpful practice pointers from Sonia. All of the necessary bases were covered, with plenty of opportunity for question-and-answer, participation, and feedback. Sonia's enthusiastic and friendly narration actually made "2 Weeks to Trademark" a fun learning experience, furthermore, not at all the dry, sub-intelligible slog that I've come to expect from the typical CLE course. I already had a pile of treatises and the Lanham Act on my reading list. "2 Weeks to Trademark" has given me the rest, including a renewed interest in my own practice." – John Hilla

"Sonia is amazing, and this course is just one of many things that proves it! In two short weeks she really does walk you step by step – in an incredibly accessible and FUN manner – through the process of establishing a successful trademarks practice. You can tell she genuinely enjoys teaching and mentoring, and she really does want to see you succeed. She does not see additional trademark practitioners as competition – instead, she delights in her students’ accomplishments. The class is incredibly interactive. Sonia repeatedly asks engaging questions of participants, usually geared toward making sure she is covering the areas of greatest interest in depth. She is also very responsive to all students’ questions. This course is great for anyone – not just solos or small firms looking to add trademarks to their practice. It is packed with information that recent law school grads (like me) can use, and it certainly is a fantastic resume builder. It also taught me a lot about the big picture of what it’s like to actually practice law. Sonia is truly exceptional – her entrepreneurial spirit is infectious, as is her passion for trademarks. In my opinion, Two Weeks to Trademarks is a must for anyone interested in this area of law. You will enjoy every moment of it and walk away a better lawyer, fired up about this area of practice." – A. Grace Van Dyke James

"Lady, I appreciate the F out of you. You have no idea how much you have literally changed my life. I have confidence like I’ve never had before. And I am so comfortable knowing there are women out there I can direct questions to without fear of being judged or making a total fool of myself. I am doing things with my business I wouldn’t have dreamed of a year ago. It’s terrifying but working!" – Tara Murphy

"I just finished the first lecture and wanted to say it is fantastic! Also, thank you for sending me Conquer the Consultation – I really appreciate it. I had my first client consultation today and your video really helped me structure my sales pitch and be more confident. I look forward to other classes. I am so glad I decided to sign up."– Hayoon Kane

"Since there isn’t a pill that’ll make you an expert trademark attorney, Sonia’s Two Weeks To Trademarks course is the next best thing! Sonia breaks down the TM process and provides tips that’ll take years to procure. Do yourself a favor and get her course now!" – Mario Simonyan

"I took your course about a year ago when I was introducing TM into my practice. Since your course I have been able to take on more TM clients and I actually enjoy this part of my practice a lot, so thank you."– Erica DiAngelo

"Trademark lawyer lady? More like trademark lawyer goddess! Ms. Lakhany is an ABSOLUTE GEM! Her Two Weeks to Trademarks Course is exactly what a newbie lawyer who is looking for mentorship needs! The videos are clear, instructional, and to the point, along with the fact that she makes her classes and Q&A sessions fun and interactive! Her step by step process is exactly what I needed in order to learn everything there is about practicing trademark law. As a recent graduate who’s only one year out of law school, I was skeptical as to whether this was the right route to take, however Sonia was able to teach me and help me out in an efficient and practical manner. Her course gave me the confidence I needed to transition from a different area of law and focus on this instead. I cannot wait to take more classes with her and be able to build a practice I truly enjoy!" – Niyati Sangani

"The Two Weeks to Trademarks class was amazing. The class content was substantive, and I found Sonia's explanations to be incredibly thorough, informative and easy to follow.  This is exactly what a newcomer to this field of law needs in order to get a serious start in the field of trademarks. Additionally, Sonia is very generous with her knowledge and examples.  Really, I cannot say enough good things about Sonia and this course. It is a must for anyone who wants to practice in this field. Did I mention she also has great tips for office management?  What are you waiting for? Sign up now!" – Lydia Mount

"I'm so happy that I made the investment in your course.  I just started my firm (June 2018) and prior to that, I spent over a decade in an alternative legal career (taking my smarts to a global financial institution) after hating litigation & doc review directly out of law school.  I say all that because I'm intentional about investing in myself - to increase my knowledge and business. And after wasting a bit (more than a bit) of money on a business coach/mastermind last year it has made me a bit gun shy.  But I had a good feeling about you and I admire how you built your firm and background. And at this point, your top tier price sounds like a bargain to me (seriously, that business coach had no business charging what she does, but I digress).   I've handled a few trademarks, advised a few people before stepping out on my own (and they were successful), but I knew I was missing a few pieces and could be practicing better. You delivered on what you promised, you know your stuff, and I found the templates invaluable.  I also appreciate your candor and willingness to share your best practices with the class. My confidence around my trademark practice (I work with entrepreneurs in the areas of business, IP, and estate planning) has increased tenfold thanks to you. I'm already enjoying Rainmaking 2.0 and I know I will take advantage of your other courses." – Melanie Cunningham

"I just finished the 2 Weeks To Trademarks course taught by Sonia Lakhany, Esquire. I want to get away from my family law practice and go back into a more “corporate” type of practice where I don’t need to run to court all the time. I knew very little about trademarks when I started (other than some research that I had done for a business that I have an ownership interest in). Now after only two weeks, I feel like I am ready to start marketing my services as a trademark attorney. Sonia shared a wealth of information including her forms, templates, systems, etc. This was not your typical law course lecture format. Sonia kept everyone engaged, answered questions through the live Q and A sessions, and was very transparent about how she runs her practice and what she has learned as a leading trademark attorney. The course price was a little over my initial budget but now I think that the course was worth well more than I paid for it. I see this course as being a game-changer for my practice and I expect to fully transition into this practice area by the end of this calendar year." – Darlene Wright Powell

"Just wanted to let you know the stuff you taught yesterday regarding copying links, and templates, and delegating was the shit!! That’s exactly how I run my patent practice so it is HUGE to be able to just implement your tried and true ways! Having done it with my practice, I know the work that went into perfecting what you do. So I recognize and appreciate the value of what you provide in your courses! They are way more than trademark law! I’ve learned things I can apply to my patent practice to improve it!" – Sheila Gibson