Learn to run clearance searches using TESS (YES, without a report!)

  • "How do I know if two parties' goods and services are too close?"
  • "How do I compare two marks for similarity?"
  • "What if I'm 'on the fence' about two marks?"
  • "What language should I use to explain adverse search results"
  • "How do I CYA?"
  • "What if I never really learned the right way to search at all?" 
  • "What if I'm just starting out and I can't afford search services?"
  • "Is there more I can do with TESS that I don't know about?"

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About this course

If you've found yourself struggling with the search process and asking for answers to any of these questions,'re in the right place!

This SEARCHcademy class is guessed'll learn the RIGHT way to conduct clearance searches, even without a report!

Course Outline

I. Overview of USPTO examination process
Standards and criteria for examination of an application 
How Examiners are trained
II. Review of the likelihood of confusion standard   
Analysis of du Pont Factors  
How to compare marks for similarity
How to compare goods and services for similarity
What to do about marks that are "on the fence" 
III. Overview of the TESS system
How it works 
Available data 
Various types of searches 
IV. Searching (using TESS only)
Basic knockout searches 
Sample Boolean searches  
How to choose keyword operators 
How to combine keywords 
How to expand a search
How to narrow a search 
V. Searching (using Markify)
Overview of system
Helpful features
Sample report and analysis
Discount/promotion offer 
VI. Searching (using TrademarkNow)
Overview of system
Helpful features
Sample report and analysis
Discount/promotion offer 
VII. Opinion letters
Outline of the standard language to include
Sample wording for marks that are "on the fence"
Disclaimers/CYA issues 
VIII. Client discussion
How to explain adverse search results
Sample language for phone or in-person conversations
Sample answers to frequently asked questions by clients 
IX. Q&A session


"I would highly recommend any of Sonia's classes and if you have the chance to have some of her valuable time -- take it! Cherish it! And then go onward and upward from there! I have quadrupled my filings since taking her course AND have really drilled down the educating piece of my practice. Three cheers for Sonia!" – Brittany Ratelle

"Trademark lawyer lady? More like a trademark lawyer goddess! Ms. Lakhany is an ABSOLUTE GEM! I cannot wait to take more classes with her and be able to build a practice I truly enjoy!" – Niyati Sangani