Consider this a gift from your trademark attorney fairy godmother! Gone are the days you go back and forth with a client trying to explain why their specimen was rejected, what constitutes an acceptable specimen, and all the teeny tiny details that go into showing use. Better yet, use this guide to advise your clients on the front end on how to design their marketing and sales materials to ensure there won’t be a rejection in the first place!

We’ve covered Class 1-45 with special emphasis on the problem classes (looking at you, IC 025, 035, and 041…ahem!) plus tons of pictures and examples, explanations, tips, and tricks to make sure that you are submitting the right specimen the first time around. 

What's Inside

  • A basic overview of what a specimen is, including answers to beginner practitioner questions such as:

    -What is a specimen?
    -When do specimens need to be submitted?
    -What if there are various goods and services within one class?
  • Frequently asked questions plus simple script answers to the most common client questions such as:

    -“What do you mean by ‘specimen’?
    -“Will this design file from our graphics guy work?”
    -“We use the mark in the text of this paragraph- will that work?”
    -“Can my specimen be from a third-party website?”
    -“My website doesn’t list the services I offer, so what should I use?”
    -“Here’s an invoice showing my first sale!”
    -“The wording/design is a little different than how the mark was originally filed, is that okay?”
  • Sample description of specimen for filings;
  • Frequent refusals of specimens by the USPTO;
  • Examples of refused specimens;
  • Examples of accepted specimens for each class of goods/services;
  • And lots more! 


How long do I have access to the guide? Like everything in this shop, forever. It is yours to keep for lifetime success!