Revenue Accelerator™

Revenue Accelerator™


Think about the time, money, and effort it takes to acquire ONE new client. It's a lot of work right? The trademark registration process is a long one, but what happens once you deliver that shiny gold sealed registration certificate? Clients seek you out for help protecting their mark, you proceed through the full trademark application process, the mark registers, life goes on. How do you stay engaged with that client, and set yourself up for repeat business? Of course, you don't want the relationship with your client to end, so if you're interested in learning 10 ways to continue adding value with lower acquisition costs and creating more revenue streams, keep reading.

Unlike other areas of law, a trademark client can have an infinite lifecycle for engagement. This isn’t a one-off litigation case or a one-time visa filing. Most newer trademark attorneys have no idea what to offer after the registration issues, and some are only doing one or two of these.

For this training, Sonia and Erik are back again to share 10 ways to generate revenue streams and continue adding value to your trademark client relationships post-registration! As an added value, Sonia and Erik talk about how to structure the fees and give you a few options on how to go about pricing these additional services.

For less than one hour of most lawyers' hourly rate, you'll learn details about 10 different ways to generate revenue from each trademark registration client and, more importantly, add tons of value to help your client's brand!  

How do I gain access?

You will receive immediate access to a download of a recording of Erik and Sonia which also includes a Q&A with other attorneys.


”I wanted to let you know that I loved the Revenue Accelerator. It had really great pointers about creating a sustainable flow of work from current clients. So much value!”